MPFL in Children and Adolescents maybe Safe & Effective: St
This study aimed to review the data available in the current literature concerning the complications and recurrence of instability following medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction for patellar instability in young and adolescent patients.

A systematic review was performed based on the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses (PRISMA) guidelines. The terms “medial patellofemoral ligament” or “MPFL” and “reconstruction” and “young” or “adolescents” or “children” were used. The inclusion criteria for the literature review comprised studies that reported the complications and recurrences of instability in patients who had undergone MPFL reconstruction for patellar instability.

--332 patients were included in the review, of which 195 were females and 112 were males, and they totaled 352 treated knees.

--The mean age at the time of the surgery was 14.28 years, and the mean follow-up duration was 30.17 months.

--A total of 16 complications were reported: one patella fracture, one screw removal due to intolerance, one infection, five wound complications, six subluxations and two instances of post-operative stiffness.

--A total of 18 recurrences of patellar instability were recorded.

Finally, repair of the MPFL can be regarded as successful and safe therapy in young individuals leading to clinical improving in the area of dislocation recurrence. There have been no major technique difficulties recorded.