MP’s Medicine Man: Meet Dr. Sanjay Goyal Ensuring Free Drugs
Dr. Sanjay Goyal, a qualified paediatrician, born and brought up in Bathinda, Punjab, never thought about becoming a civil servant until he understood first-hand the critical importance of an efficient administration towards improving the health outcome of any society.

“While pursuing my job as a medical officer at Primary Health Centre in a small village in Punjab, I saw a shortage of basic amenities like health care, sanitation, education (especially for girl children from disadvantaged sections), and lack of medicines. I realised that the health status of any society is not only dependent upon the availability of clinicians but also requires specialists across different professions to be involved in the administration to work at various levels of government,” he says to The Better India.

Since joining the prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 2003 as part of the Madhya Pradesh cadre, Goyal has a litany of major achievements to his name, fulfilling some of the objectives he had set out to accomplish. He was awarded the Chief Minister Excellence Award for outstanding work in the creation of village level Arogya Health Centres in Sehore district.

It’s a model that was replicated and implemented all over the state and found a mention in the NITI Aayog’s 12th Plan Review.

He also has the distinction of turning the Gwalior district into an open-defecation free (ODF) area over the course of just nine months as district magistrate, besides conducting innovative campaign under the Centre’s Beti Bachao, Beti Padao (save and educate girl child) scheme, which won him major plaudits. Today, he is the Managing Director of a State-run distribution and retail supply firm.

However, among this IAS officer’s greatest achievements has to be the successful planning and implementation of the MP government’s ‘Free Medicine Scheme’ launched on November 17, 2012, as the Director of the State’s Health and Family Welfare department.

The MP government started this scheme to ensure regular availability of basic essential medicines to patients from all walks of life. Under the scheme, generic medicines are distributed free of cost to all government hospitals. With provisions for free diagnostics facility (ECG, sonography, echocardiography and X-ray tests) from district hospitals to sub-health centres, average citizens can visit them and receive treatment without paying a dime.

In case if the prescribed medicine is out of stock or not available, the next alternative drug is to be prescribed. Free medicines are being provided to the patients as per consultation with doctors.

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