Madras HC slams govt over NEET, says only those with money c
With few students clearing the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) and getting admission in medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, the Madras High Court on Monday lashed out at the examination system and said it has become impossible to become a doctor without going to private NEET coaching centres.

The bench of Justices N Kirubakaran and P Velmurugan also asked the government’s counsel why NEET alone was not reversed when the Union government is reversing almost all schemes brought in by the previous government at the Centre.

Observing that only those with money can clear NEET, the bench asked, “How can the poor afford to get such coaching?”

The court said medical college doors are never open for the poor. “It was claimed that the exam (NEET) was brought in to prevent passing of money to get medical seats. But now money was passed in other ways through such coaching centres,” the court observed. The bench made these observations while looking at figures submitted by the Union government. It was hearing a case of alleged impersonation to clear NEET.

According to figures submitted to the court, in Tamil Nadu, only 48 of 3,033 students admitted in government medical colleges and 52 of 1,598 admitted in private medical colleges did not undergo coaching for the NEET in Tamil Nadu.

According to government data submitted before the court, 1,040 students admitted in government colleges cleared NEET in their first attempt, while 2,041 secured admissions by appearing on multiple occasions. In private self-financing colleges, 588 students got admission in their first attempt and 1,062 cleared the exam in multiple attempts.

The court observed, “The first-timers have to prepare for the Plus Two (Class XII) examination as well as NEET simultaneously, whereas students who had already completed Plus Two could devote time…to preparing exclusively for the NEET examination. The unequals have been treated equally in the NEET, and the results would speak for themselves. This fact should also be taken note of by the Central government.”

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