“Madura Head” A Rare Case of Craniocerebral Maduromycosis
As maduromycosis is mostly confined to lower extremities. It was rightly named as “Madura foot”. Mycetoma is a chronic granulomatous infection mostly caused by a true fungus, Madurella mycetomatis (Eumycotic mycetoma). Craniocerebral involvement by eumycotic mycetoma is rare in world literature and confined to few case reports only.

Published in the Indian Journal of Neurosurgery, the authors present an interesting case of craniocerebral maduromycosis presenting with focal seizure, hemiparesis, and multiple discharging sinuses all over the scalp.

The patient was diagnosed by histopathologic biopsy and managed conservatively with antifungal medications in view of widespread involvement of the scalp, not amenable to surgery.

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