#MagicMushroom: Fungi that draws GOLD from its surroundings
Fungi that draws gold from its surroundings has been discovered in Western Australia, stunning scientists who say it could signal new deposits.

Found near Boddington, south of Perth, the strain of the Fusarium oxysporum fungus attaches gold to its strands by dissolving and precipitating particles from the environment.

There may be a biological advantage in doing so, as the gold-coated fungi were found to grow larger and spread faster than those that don’t interact with the precious metal.

Australia is the world’s second largest gold producer, and while volumes broke records last year, output is forecast to fall in the near future unless new deposits are found.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/may/24/fungi-that-draws-gold-from-its-surroundings-discovered-in-western-australia
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