Maharashtra: DMER proposes to increase MBBS course duration
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With an idea to merge the 1 year rural bond service with the 5.5 years course duration and to leave no room for students to dodge rural postings the Maharashtra State DMER has proposed to change the duration of course from 5.5 years to 6.5 years. A proposal has already been sent to the ministry for this purpose.

Under the current rule, a medical graduate is allowed a window of six additional years after completion of MBBS to pursue post-graduation and super-specialization and is not expected to immediately proceed for the rural posting. But students often skip the rural postings in the name of higher education. While doctors practicing in Maharashtra may still be netted at the time of registering with the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) as they are required to produce a bond-free certificate, those coming from other states often get away.

A GR issued in the late 1990s mandated students to complete their rural stint before going for PG. The system worked smoothly for some time as candidates were placed in rural, district and civil hospitals run by the state's public health department (PHD). But it had to be scrapped in 1999 after the PHD didn't have vacancies to accommodate all medical pass-outs. The friction between two arms of medical education and public healthcare in Maharashtra- DMER and PHD - has often led to even willing students not finding rural postings of their choice.

The Medical community is, however opposing the proposal. They have suggested the government to break up 1 year internship tenure and incorporate rural posting without increasing the course duration. They also believe that the move would be unfair to students of government colleges as those studying in private ones will save a year and have the benefit of appearing for PG before the others...
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