Maharashtra caps hospital charges for uninsured, from cancer
In Maharashtra, the state authorities have taken an enormous determination to offer a reasonably priced remedy to individuals without insurance coverage.

• The federal government has mounted costs for 173 sorts of ailments/procedures.

• Strict motion might be taken in opposition to hospitals that cost greater than this.

• The state authorities have issued a notification to repair the charges of issues like angiography, bypass, knee and hip substitute, cataract, hernia until the epidemic is over.

• The order clearly states that hospitals can’t cost greater than this.

• The state authorities mentioned that these charges will stay in drive until the epidemic ends.

• After the order, the cost for angiography won't be greater than Rs 12,000, Rs 75,000 for regular supply, Rs 86,250 for C-section supply from an individual without insurance coverage. Main hospitals of town cost solely 35,000 to 1 lakh rupees for angiography solely.

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