Maharashtra govt announces pay hike for doctors on contract
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Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thakeray on 29 May 2020, announced a substantial pay hike in the honorarium of doctors serving their bonds to encourage them in serving their duties amid the escalating coronavirus crisis.

Thackeray announced the hike to bring it at par with doctors working on a contract basis so that it further strengthens their resolve in this, the Maharashtra government said.

With the new pay scale hike, doctors serving in tribal areas will get Rs 75,000 instead of Rs 60,000.

Specialist doctors in tribal areas will get Rs 85,000 instead of the previous Rs 70,000.

At the same time, MBBS doctors in other areas will get Rs 70,000 instead of 55,000, while the specialists will get Rs 80,000 instead of Rs 65,000.

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Dr. D●●●●●●●●●a S●●●●●●●r
Dr. D●●●●●●●●●a S●●●●●●●r Paediatrics
Very good decision They are frontline workers and needs hike in payment
May 30, 2020Like
Dr. R●●●l J●●●●●●r
Dr. R●●●l J●●●●●●r General Medicine
Compared with 7th pay?🙄
May 30, 2020Like
S●●●●●r G
S●●●●●r G General Medicine
Is this for all bonded doctors? I am serving my 364days UG bond and I was told this doesn' t apply to me. My pay is 45 k instead of 55 which is the salary of those who join on six month contract basis.
May 30, 2020Like