Make Remdesivir Available Like Paracetamol: Gujarat HC
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Hearing a suo motu Public Interest Litigation on the worsening Covid 19 situation in the State, the Gujarat High Court slammed the State Government over shortage of the antiviral drug Remdesivir and its supply regulation, ordering it to make the prescription available to everyone, much like paracetamol.

The order stated, "The newspapers, news channels are flooded with the harrowing tales, unfortunate and unimaginable difficulties, unmanageable conditions of the infrastructure, the shortfall and the deficit of not only testing, availability of beds, ICU, but also supply of Oxygen and the basic medicines like Ramdesivir, etc."

The bench stated that the government should come up with a strategy on what is needed and when it is needed, as well as cut out hoarders. The court said that the state should continue to seek out those who are hoarding drugs and those who are trafficking them at cheaper rates and take the best possible action against them, to which the government replied that it had already done so.

The state government's claim that only seven firms manufacture the drug in the country and that 1.75 lakh vials are made every day was rejected by the high court. According to the judges, manufacturers have stocks of medicines manufactured in January and February. The court questioned the control over Remdesivir supply and recommended that it be lifted.

The Court even questioned why this medication should be made available to a nursing home that isn't a Covid centre. The court inquired, citing the 1.5-kilometre-long line outside Zydus Hospital. The court also rejected the process by which the government planned to supply Remdesivir on demand from its stock.

The judges further questioned why, with so much medication available, it is not made available in private hospitals and pharmacies. The judges opined that it is impossible to imagine that there is a shortage because injections are available on the advice of VIPs. They also cited the government's claim that Gujarat manufactures the majority of the country's Remdesivir and demanded that the stock be properly accounted for.

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Dr. K●●●●n D●●●i
Dr. K●●●●n D●●●i Orthopaedics
Judicial activism overstepping on governance issues - uncalled for - without recognising the sudden surge in demand all over the country with no. of cases
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Dr. K●●●●n D●●●i
Dr. K●●●●n D●●●i Orthopaedics
The learned judges should have talked to Infection Disease specialist before comparing the two drugs / atleast read some guidelines on net for the role of two drugs
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