Making The Most Of Your Precious Free Time As A Physician
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As a physician – or any healthcare professional for that matter – it is nearly impossible to get some rest and relaxation, even after you’ve set aside your lab coat and stethoscope for the day. Time is a precious resource and it’s important that you’re using your free time in ways that will benefit you the most!

Choosing the correct hobbies or activities to partake in during your free time can ensure that you’re happy and healthy both physically and mentally.

How can physicians get the most out of their precious free time?

With the long hours spent at the facility or even on-call, sleep is precious – and the more sleep you get, the better you’ll perform. Studies show that getting a good night’s rest can greatly increase your performance in the workplace, so if you have some spare minutes, use it to get some much-needed shuteye.

Reading is another great way to spend your free time. Reading is a great way to not only gain knowledge but to stretch out certain muscles in your brain that you may not be using on a daily basis. Others use reading as a form of escape and the perfect thing you need to ensure that you’re in the right mindset when you head back into work.

#Family Time
Spending time with the family will make sure that you’re keeping a healthy balance between life at home and life at work. Whether it’s going to the movies, watching a local sporting event, or simply relaxing at home, spending time with your family will surely energize you for the rest of the workweek.

One of the biggest issues that physicians face is bringing the emotions from work into his or her home. The stress and frustration that physicians might deal with during their shift can often be projected onto family, which can lead to unhealthy conflict. Make sure that you’re separating your job and home life so you’re not creating unnecessary issues.

One hobby that many physicians fail to consider is participating in a mentorship program. These programs will give you the fulfillment of helping others all while staying active in your community and/or workplace. This is a great way to not only strengthen your relationship with the rest of the staff but to pass down some knowledge to the next generation of medical professionals.

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