Malaria with typhoid! What's more?
Kanchan Zine
Malaria with typhoid! What's more?
A 22 year old young female was diagnosed with malaria along with typhoid. Lab findings confirm the diagnosis.
Her past medical history indicates that she suffered fron typhoid 5 times in last 2 years.
However, none of her family members have suffered from the same even once.
What could be the underlying cause of such high susceptibility?

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A●●●●i P●●●●●h
A●●●●i P●●●●●h General Medicine
Resistance of the bacteria and repeated exposure of the patient to the bacterial contamination
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A●●●t G●●●a
A●●●t G●●●a General Medicine
It might me related to patients personal hygiene and conditions like achlorhydria in the girl
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K●●●●●n Z●●e
K●●●●●n Z●●e General Medicine
Yes the patient is reported to be achlorhydric.
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