Malignant Melanoma of the Breast: A Case Report
Malignant melanoma of the areola of the breast is rare. Only a few cases have been reported in the literature. Diagnostic dilemmas may occur due to the location of these malignant lesions. The present case has been reported in the Journal of Cancer Biology and Research.

A pigmented lesion of the left nipple in a young female patient that was increasing in size, with an associated colour change is described. A preoperative ultrasound was performed and the lesion was excised. Initial histology showed it to be an infiltrating malignant melanoma in a pre-existing naevus.

The tumour was in vertical growth phase, filling the papillary dermis and extending into the superficial reticular dermis (Clarke's level IV) to a depth of 1.4mm. It was noted that the exact depth of tumour was difficult to measure due to the presence of the associated naevus. In-situ tumour cells involved the radial margin at initial resection. The mitotic rate was 1/mm2.

Post-operatively, CT TAP and CT brain were performed which were negative for metastatic disease. A bone scan showed abnormal sternomanubrial activity. For this reason, a PET scan was performed which was negative for metastases. Following Breast and supra-regional Dermatopathology MDM discussion the patient underwent a non-nipple sparing WLE and SLNM.

Final histology demonstrated no further disease in re-excision specimen and lymph nodes were reported as having dark carbon-like pigment within them with no malignancy seen. The carbon-like pigment was consistent with an ipsilateral tattoo on the patients' hand.

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