Malignant transformation in a parotid warthin’s tumor: a cas
Warthin’s tumor is a salivary gland tumor consisting of epithelial and lymphoid components. The majority of Warthin’s tumors are benign and malignant transformation is extremely rare.

Published in the Journal of Cancer Biology & Research, the authors report a case of malignant transformation of a Warthin’s tumor of the right parotid gland. The patient had a right parotid tumor and underwent tumor excision. Histopathology after surgery showed malignant transformation of Warthin’s tumor.

On examination, we found a cervical lymph node group VB and Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) showed metastasis. We decided to perform a total parotidectomy and modified radical right neck dissection for the patient. Then the patient underwent adjuvant radiotherapy.

Close follow-up was carried out and 3 months after surgery there was no evidence of recurrence or metastatic neoplasm.

Major takeaway:-
-Therefore, if there is a parotid tumor which is suspected malignant, one should thoroughly investigate the cervical lymph nodes and consider prophylactic neck dissection although we do not find the susceptive nodes.

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