Man In Booster Trial Who Got Pfizer Then Moderna COVID-19 Sh
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Virus expert Joseph Hyser has been fully vaccinated since the end of January, and he's not really worried that his COVID-19 protection from the Pfizer vaccine has waned much since then. Yet, when he got an email last month asking if he'd be interested in getting a third dose booster shot - this time from Moderna - he did not hesitate to say yes.

Perhaps they didn't realize that Hyser is one of the first Americans to participate in a groundbreaking COVID-19 mix-and-match study, aimed at assessing whether boosters work, and whether different COVID-19 shots are safe - and possibly more effective - when they're mixed together. Though Hyser says he experienced similar types of side effects from both Moderna's and Pfizer's mRNA shots, he said the side effects were a little bit more obvious with the Moderna.

~ Is it safe to mix shots from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson?

This is not Hyser's first vaccine trial, he's been in studies of smallpox shots, anthrax vaccines, and annual flu jabs. The study that he's now part of will evaluate mixing different coronavirus booster shots to assess whether they will be safe and effective for adults of all ages across the US.

For now, the study is boosting only with a single dose of Moderna's vaccine, whether participants' first shots were from Moderna, or from Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson - the other two US-authorized vaccines. Other combinations of the vaccines, and which order they're taken in, will be added in to the study later on.

Study participants will get routine blood draws and initial results could be ready within months. A big question this study will explore is whether boosting people who've had J&J's one-shot adenovirus vaccine with Moderna's mRNA shot might make the performance similar.

~ A day of chills, body aches, and ibuprofen after the 3rd dose

While Hyser's Moderna side effects were a little more intense, he said they faded with some ibuprofen and a day of rest. "I did, for Pfizer, have a little bit of chills, a little bit of muscle ache, but nothing that prevented me from conducting my normal day to day activities," he said.

"With the booster, it was a little bit more severe," he said, describing waking up the day afterwards feeling "like I had done a very rigorous gym workout," with chills and arm soreness like he'd gotten a "hard punch in the shoulder." He popped some ibuprofen, which helped ease the aches, and by the following day, he felt like himself again.

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