Man Unable To Burp For 20 yrs, Cured By Botox
A 35-year-old man who was unable to burp for 20 years of his life underwent a Botox treatment which turned out to be life changing. He used to feel bloated after every drink since his teenage years and doctors advised him to take indigestion and heartburn remedies that never helped. Later on, he was diagnosed with a rare condition called retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction, in which a muscle in the neck cannot properly relax, preventing the upward passage of gas. He discovered a treatment in which botox is injected into the affected muscle to weaken it temporarily and decided to go for it and now he has been cured. As a result of the treatment he doesn't get any stomach issues, he said.

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Inj.Botox is already being used, especially spastic dysphonia, similar to cricopharyngeal spasm.
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