Man complains of itchy eye, doctor finds this scary thing in
In what can be described as a nightmare-come-true situation, a tick crawled inside a man’s eye and latched itself onto his eyeball. The pictures of this horrifying encounter between the man, named Chris Prater, and the tick have recently surfaced online.

Prater complained of eye itch to his co-workers who could see something stuck on his eyeball. Initially they tried flushing out “the object” using water and saline solution but without any success. That is when his supervisor, Nathan Frisby, sent him to an eye doctor.

There was a deer tick that was already embedded and fully attached to his eyeball. The doctor numbed his eye and used a pair of tweezers to pull off the tick from his eyeball. The tick made like a little popping sound when it came off my eye, prater stated.

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