Man with vitiligo knits dolls with same face condition to bo
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A Brazilian grandfather suffering from a skin disease called vitiligo is trying to teach inclusiveness to the kids as well as boost their self-confidence by knitting dolls who have similar face conditions.

The 64-year-old man named João Stanganelli has been living with vitiligo for nearly half of his life. He had to leave his job in the gastronomy industry after he started suffering from poor cardiac health, which is when he decided to not let his illness restrict his life.

After a suggestion from his wife, the elderly man started crocheting dolls which have spots and uneven skin tone. It only took him five days to learn the craft as he created his first doll for his granddaughter Isabella.

Through these dolls, Stanganelli aims to help build the self-esteem of those suffering from these various conditions.

Vitiligo is a pretty rare skin condition, affecting between 0.5% and 1% of the population. Those living with vitiligo lose pigmentation in random patches of their skin. While it isn’t physically harmful, it has been known to have a social stigma and subsequent psychological effects.

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Fantastic attempt. May God give the same good sense to all normal humans so that all those who get affected by adversities of destiny are not troubled any further by human perceptions. Adversities caused by destiny don' t just affect health; they can affect in any sphere of life, including in relation to jealousy, hatred & false allegations in criminal cases.
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