Management of a pregnant woman with hypouricemia: a case rep
Renal hypouricemia is associated with urinary calculi and severe acute renal failure after exercise. The epidemiology of renal hypouricemia is not yet sufficiently understood, and there is no report of it occurring during pregnancy.

Oxford Medical Case Reports, Volume 2019, Issue 5, May 2019, omz035 reports the case of a pregnant woman with renal hypouricemia. At her first pregnancy, she developed preeclampsia with severe features at the 34th week of gestation. After parturition, she developed acute renal failure and was diagnosed with renal hypouricemia. During the second pregnancy, when she was referred to our hospital, care was taken to ensure adequate hydration by infusion of liquids and water at the time of labour. Consequently, she did not have onset of renal hypouricemia. It suggested that acute renal failure may be avoided in pregnant women with renal hypouricemia by preventing dehydration via drinking enough during pregnancy postpartum period and by infusion during labour.

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