Management of pediatric acute colon perforation beyond the n
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Acute colon perforation is a pediatric surgical emergency. Researchers aimed to analyze the different etiologies and clinical characteristics of acute non-traumatic colon perforation beyond the neonatal period and to identify surgical management and outcomes.

This retrospective study included 18 patients admitted with acute colon perforation and who received surgical treatment.

The age of patients ranged between 1 month and 15 years. Five patients swallowed foreign objects (two swallowed magnets), two had colon perforation secondary to a malignant tumor (both colorectal adenocarcinoma) and two were iatrogenic (one prior colonoscopy, one air enema for intussusception). There was one perforation due to chemotherapy and Amyand’s hernia respectively. The remaining seven patients had unknown etiologies; five of them were diagnosed with colitis.

Fifteen patients underwent open laparotomy, among which four attempted laparoscopy first. Three patients underwent laparoscopic surgery. Fourteen patients received simple suture repairs and four received colonic resections and anastomosis. Four patients received a protective diverting colostomy and three received an ileostomy.

Conclusively, there is a wide range of etiology besides necrotizing enterocolitis and trauma, but a significant portion of children present with unknown etiology. The type of surgery selected should be dependent on the patient’s etiology, disease severity, and experience of surgeons.

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