Mandibular first molar with single root and single root cana
The present case has been reported in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry.

Mandibular molars demonstrate considerable anatomic complexities and abnormalities with respect to number of roots and root canals. Clinicians should be aware that there is a possibility of the existence of a fewer number of roots and root canals than the normal root canal anatomy.

Mandibular first molar with a single root and single canal was diagnosed with the aid of dental operating microscope and multiple angled radiographs. This case report presents a rare case of successful endodontic management of mandibular first molar with a single root and root canal.

A 14-year-old female patient presented with the chief complaint of spontaneous toothache in her right lower back region of the jaw since 2 days. A clinical examination revealed a carious right mandibular first molar. The tooth was not mobile, and periodontal probing around the tooth was within physiological limits.

Sensibility tests of the involved tooth with heated Gutta-percha and dry ice caused an intense lingering pain, whereas electronic pulp stimulation caused an early response. A preoperative radiograph revealed occlusal radiolucency, approaching the pulp space, and break in continuity of lamina dura periapically with diffuse periapical radiolucency.

From the clinical, radiographic, and sensibility tests, a diagnosis of periradicular abscess with 46 was made, and endodontic treatment was suggested to the patient.

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