Man’s foot severed in motorcycle crash reattached during 7-h
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A man whose left foot was completely severed from his leg during a horrific motorcycle crash will not lose the appendage thanks to doctors who worked tirelessly to reattach it.

Karan Sharma, 23, was riding his motorcycle in Pune, when he collided with a truck, which subsequently ran over his left leg, severing his foot. The incident occurred in late August.

Sharma claims he was left on the side of the road — his severed foot still in his shoe, lying next to him on the ground — for nearly an hour before a stranger took him to the hospital.
Patient required emergency surgery. Seven hours later, his foot was reattached.

"Seeing the patient's condition, we decided to conduct the surgery immediately to save his foot. The surgery started at 11 p.m. and was over by 6 a.m. the next morning,” Dr. Abhishek Ghosh, a microvascular reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon who worked on Sharma, told the outlet.

"Since the bones of Karan's left foot were completely crushed, we had to shorten the limb a bit before stitching it back. We managed to reconnect the crushed bones, which was the main challenge, as well as the vessels, nerves, and tissues,” he continued. “The arteries and nerves were meticulously repaired, and we were able to save his foot.”

Sharma also required a skin graft and underwent another surgery to remove muscle from his right thigh to cover the bones and increase blood circulation in his left foot. Patient remains in the hospital for now, but doctors said he will be able to put weight on his injured foot in about four weeks.

"The sensation is coming back and there is good vascularity,” Ghosh said.

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