Marijuana Users' Breast Milk Had No Short-Term Effect On Pr
A study aimed to investigate the effect of marijuana usage during pregnancy and breastfeeding on early preterm infants. They analyzed the medical records of 763 early preterm infants from 2014 to 2020. Researchers found 17% of their mothers tested positive at the time of delivery for THC. Researchers compared early preterm infants who were fed breast milk from THC-positive mothers to those who were fed either formula or breast milk from THC-negative mothers and found no differences in short-term health impacts such as breathing difficulties, lung development, and feeding issues. Early preterm babies born to mothers who tested positive for marijuana at delivery were similarly healthy by the time of their discharge when fed their mother’s breast milk compared to those who did not receive their mother’s breast milk. However, more research is needed in this area to help provide women and doctors with further guidance. For this reason, doctors strongly recommend that women avoid marijuana use while pregnant and while nursing their babies.

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