Massive revamp of the MBBS curriculum by the MCI Board of Go

Massive revamp of the MBBS curriculum by the MCI Board of Governors

New curriculum, focusing heavily on communication, ethics and counseling comes into effect from Aug 2019 session

The Medical Council of India on Friday finalised the new undergraduate curriculum, which will roll out nationally from the 2019 session starting August. The Board of Governors has approved the document which revisits the 1997 syllabus in context of emerging diseases and scientific advances.

Salient features

• First major revision after 21 years, previous edition was 1997

• Called “Competency-based UG Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate”

• For the first time, India’s MBBS curriculum acknowledges the importance of ethics, responsiveness to needs of patients and families and fine communication skills to engage the ailing

• Clinical exposure from first year itself

• Introduction of course called AETCOM

• A month long foundation course for students from diverse backgrounds to help them cope with the stress of the first year, adapt to English language

• Another new element is the introduction of elective subjects. Now students can pick up subjects of choice and dedicated time has been allotted for self-directed learning and co-curricular activities

• The new curriculum also encourages, in a first, the use of medical mannequins and models for clinical learning even though the use of human cadavers for anatomy training will continue

The new curriculum can be accessed here:

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Dr. S●●●●●m S●●●●y P●●●●●l
Dr. S●●●●●m S●●●●y P●●●●●l Family Medicine
The revisions appear to be very promising and necesaary. However,unless the students take interest themselves,no amount of curricula change will be useful.
Nov 5, 2018Like10
Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i
Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i Internal Medicine
Indeed welcome such changes, however overdue they may be. The new syllabus should make both the students and teachers to be more accountable. It should focus on real life case-based training as part of training and assessment in examination.
Nov 9, 2018Like3