Mastoid mucocele: an initial sign of fibrous dysplasia onset
Fibrous dysplasia affects bone metabolism determining nonmalignant osseous change. Craniofacial skeleton is usually affected and temporal bone involvement is uncommon. Furthermore, when a concomitant rare mastoid mucocele is already affecting the same region, the related diagnosis can be even more challenging.

Published in Annals of Clinical Case Reports, the authors report a radiological and surgical case, with CT, MRI and surgical imaging of a patient affected by a mastoid mucocele to be considered as a first sign of fibrous dysplasia onset.

Mastoid mucocele is a rare finding. To date, in medical literature only three cases are depicted. Etiology is still unknown even if multiple have been the hypothesis put forward. Although fibrous dysplasia temporal bone localization is well known, to our knowledge, this is the very first case in medical literature of a mastoid mucocele as an alert of fibrous dysplasia onset.

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