Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences and Child Behavior Pr
A growing body of research has examined the role of maternal adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on child behavior problems. A Study was conducted to examine the association between maternal ACEs and child behavior problems via a systematic review.

Studies were included if an association between maternal ACEs and child externalizing (eg, aggression) and/or internalizing (eg, anxiety) problems was reported. Studies were synthesized by child externalizing and internalizing outcomes.

--Maternal ACEs were significantly associated with child externalizing problems across all studies (number of studies synthesized per outcome [k] = 11).

--Significant associations were also found for inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity (k = 4), and aggression (k = 2).

--For internalizing problems (k = 11), significant associations were identified across 8 studies and nonsignificant associations were reported for 3 studies.

--Maternal ACEs were consistently associated with child anxiety and depression (k = 5). However, inconsistent findings were reported for somatization (k = 2).

Conclusively, Mothers’ ACEs demonstrated largely consistent associations with children’s behavior problems.