Medical college prescribes happiness classes thrice a week f
If happiness is a cure-all, you must find it in a heal hub. Welcome to Era Medical College, arguably the first higher education institution in the country to boast a department of happiness.

The campus on Hardoi Road in Lucknow launched the pilot project on August 16 to promote stress management in the medical profession and allow doctors and paramedics “to attend to patients with a smile”.

The month-long happiness classes are currently being taken by 290 students from the medical (150), nursing (80) and pharmacy (60) departments. These will later be extended to other departments of Era University, which manages the medical college.

Being held on three days every week, the special classes have brought together experts from various medical disciplines, including medicine, clinical psychology and psychiatry, under one roof with spiritual leaders and motivational speakers. The neuroscience behind happiness, perception, general well-being, positive and negative approaches, frustration and tolerance, sympathy, apathy and altruism, and body language and communication are among the wide variety of topics being covered through videos, storytelling, experience-sharing and real-time experimenting.

“At the moment, it is just a pilot programme. Grades will depend on how a scientific questionnaire, prepared to assess factors associated with happiness, is answered. A psychologist will rate students after a month and issue certificates. We plan to start a certificate and diploma course in the near future, besides extending the classes to students beyond the medical college,” vice-chancellor Abbas Ali Mahdi told TOI.

Head of the happiness department professor Meeta Ghosh said, “Our aim is to strike off negativity, stress, sorrows and sufferings at the institution so that these future doctors and paramedic can pass on their positivity to patients.”

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