Medical journal Lancet publishes "Fear and uncertainty aroun
The Lancet, a leading medical journal, has published an editorial where it has denounced India’s recent decision abrogating Article 370. It has termed India’s administrative decision regarding its internal matter an attempt to subjugate the people of Kashmir.

"..Prime Minister Narendra Modi vows that his decision to revoke autonomy will bring prosperity to Kashmir. But first, the people of Kashmir need healing from the deep wounds of this decades-old conflict, not subjugation to further violence and alienation.," states the article.

In its statement, The Lancet wrote, “Despite decades of instability, developmental indicators suggest that Kashmir is doing well compared with the rest of India. In 2016, life expectancy was 68·3 years for men and 71·8 years for women, which are greater than the respective national averages. However, protracted exposure to violence has led to a formidable mental health crisis.”

People on social media are perplexed that a supposed medical journal is making political statements. This isn’t the first time either when The Lancet has made controversial political statements. In its “open letter for the people of Gaza” earlier, it condemned Israel in the strongest possible terms but made no mention of the atrocities committed by Hamas. The authors of the letter were extremely problematic individuals who held extremely problematic opinions. Eventually, during his visit to Israel, the editor of the journal apologized profusely for publishing the open letter. He stated that he “deeply, deeply regrets” publishing the letter.

Why is Lancet publishing an article on Article 370? Please express your views in the comment section below.

Read the Lancet's article on Article 370 here:

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Lancet is not a forum for this kind of article
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Newspapers, Journals are free to publish on any topic or opinion. What' s wrong ! Restriction can never been imposed on Newspapers, Journals to publish articles, opinions on specific topics.
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The article has nothing to do with the mental health or whatever they claimed. This article is hearsay and not a well researched article that should be published in a medical journal. Its just the newspaper reading from any pakistani newspaper. Such poor n biased article that has no medical significance and should never have been published in a well reputed medical journal without any reserch or study.
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