Medical treatment of brain aspergilloma followed by MRI
The following case has been reported in the journal Radiology Case Reports. This is a brain aspergilloma case in an immunocompetent patient who suffered from a rare fungal infection transmitted from the mediastinum to the brain and eventually caused pancreatitis.

This fungal infection affected the thalamus, hypothalamus, and extended to the midbrain. This case showed a good prognosis for the brain aspergilloma without need for any surgical intervention.

The radiological documentation for the brain aspergilloma showed a positive response to a combination of voriconazole and Keppra.

This case is an example of the rare presentation of aspergilloma, where the patient‘s immune system was normal according to lab tests although the infection affected the brain and pancreas as well. The patient data and scans follow-ups for more than ten years are available, which shows progress in response to the treatment, with the brain lesion shrinking in direct relation to elimination of the chest infection.

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