Medico legal Case #10 - Failure to rule out a 'suspicion' is
Medico legal Case #10 - Failure to rule out a 'suspicion' is negligence
Facts of the case

The patient consulted an orthopedic surgeon in the hospital as he suddenly developed pain in his right foot while walking and there was also appearance of some black spots. The patient was diagnosed with post polio residual palsy, underwent surgery, and a K-wire was inserted to keep the big toe in place. Post surgery the patient was again admitted to the hospital as gangrene developed in the right foot. The patient underwent surgery for amputation of the foot, and thereafter, the leg up to the knee was also amputated.

Patient's allegation/s of medical negligence

- It was alleged that even if a tentative diagnosis was made, investigations to confirm the same ought to have been done, but the same were not done

- It was further pointed out that nowhere in the discharge card was it indicated that the diagnosis of Buerger's disease was made after surgery, as stated by the orthopedic surgeon in the court

- It was alleged that the patient was actually suffering from Buerger's diseases for which no surgery was required and the treatment was a Doppler's test, followed by an angiography, whereby the obstruction to the artery and vein is removed

- It was alleged that even in the discharge certificate in the column diagnosis it was written that the patient had undergone surgery of the left foot, whereas, in fact it was the right foot that was operated upon and this showed the negligent attitude.

Know more about the doctor's defense, the Court's Ruling and the suggested precautions here -;year=2013;volume=6;issue=7;spage=93;epage=94;aulast=
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