Medico-legal Case #5 - Hospitals/doctors should have standar
Dr. Ahmed Farooq
Medico-legal Case #5 - Hospitals/doctors should have standard instruction cards for commonly performed pre- / post-intervention precautions
Facts of the case

An ophthalmologist performed cataract surgery on the right eye of the patient at the hospital. On the 6th day post surgery, the patient was diagnosed with endophthalmitis and the ophthalmologist prescribed some medicines. Later on the ophthalmologist performed anterior chamber cleaning and administered intravitreal antibiotic and antifungal injections. The patient later consulted another eye surgeon, who upon examination, found that the patient was also suffering from Scleral and Limbal necrosis and conjunctival sloughing. Almost two months later, the affected eye was eviscerated by another eye surgeon.

Patient's allegation/s of medical negligence

- It was alleged that the ophthalmologist put stitches in the operated eye during cataract surgery, which is against the standards of medical practice

- It was alleged that the ophthalmologist failed to properly monitor and treat the postoperative endophthalmitis. He insisted that the patient take the same medicines over and over again, which ultimately resulted in enucleating the affected eye

- It was alleged that the ophthalmologist did not inform the patient about the serious condition of the right eye

Know more about the doctor's defense, the Court's Ruling and the suggested precautions here -;year=2014;volume=7;issue=9;spage=125;epage=126;aulast=