Meet Dr Annappa N Bali known as ‘hatta rupayi doctor’ (Rs 10
Since the past 50 years, ENT specialist Dr Annappa N Bali’s daily schedule has not changed much. He opens his clinic at 10.30 AM and shuts it at 6.30 PM. After taking a short break, he reopens the clinic at 8 PM and works for another hour or two.

Assisted by a three-member team, he examines 80-100 patients from his town and neighbouring villages on a daily basis.

What is special about Dr Bali is that he charges Rs 10 per patient as consultation fee which includes consultations and medicines. For patients who cannot afford even the nominal rate, Dr Bali treats them for free.

Fondly known as ‘hatta rupayi doctor’ (Rs 10 doctor), in Karnataka’s Belagavi district, Dr Bali’s patience, sincerity and quality care bring people in droves to his clinic.

Always dreaming of serving people through the medical profession, he insisted on a good education. With help from some relatives, he was able to complete his MBBS from the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Hubli.

He worked as a government doctor in rural areas of Karnataka and Chief Medical Officer of Belagavi district before starting his own private practice in 1998.

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