Meet Dr. Aruna Subramanian, Lead investigator for potential
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Dr. Aruna Subramanian is the lead investigator of Remdesivir, a potential breakthrough drug for COVID-19.

The Stanford Medicine professional is a trained doctor in infectious diseases and based out of Palo Alto in California. The doctor, who has been practicing for the last twenty years is a recipient of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Infectious Diseases Fellowship.

Subramanian is the lead investigator in phase three clinical trial of the antiviral drug Remdesivir. The Indian-American physician noted that patients taking the drug course saw improvement from COVID conditions.

Here’s why you need to know her:

• She is the lead investigator in a trial for finding a potential drug to treat COVID 19 during the coronavirus pandemic.

• A breakthrough in this study was found through a large-scale clinical trial of a drug called remdesivir. “We brought this on fast,” said Aruna Subramanian, MD, clinical professor of infectious disease and co-principal investigator of the Gilead trials at Stanford. She talks of how this unusual situation around the world led them to fast track efforts. “We got everything together in a week and were ready to roll. This was record time. This type of thing normally takes two to three months to get on board.”

• Her inspiration? In the field of medicine, she has said, “I was inspired to work in transplantation by a mentor at Johns Hopkins named Pamela Tucker.” She adds, “She [Tucker] was extremely dedicated to patient care, consulting on transplant patients all by herself, but sadly passed away when I was a senior fellow. We decided to build a full-fledged transplant ID service in her memory.”

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