Meet 'Walking God of Davangere', a doctor who gives to the p
It’s around 2.30 pm when Dr. Siddalingappa Murugeppa Yeli walks in. The faces of his patients, who have been waiting for him at his clinic, light up as they catch sight of his entry. The 80-year-old general physician has just returned to his clinic at MCC B Block in Davanagere after conducting rounds at the JJM Medical College Hospital. The patients flock around their favourite doctor. Yeli patiently hears their complaints before prescribing medicines.

While some offer him Rs 10, Rs 20 or Rs 30 as consultation fee, a few don’t pay anything. Those who pay more than Rs 30 are returned the excess amount, with Yeli telling them, “Keep it with you. This is more than enough.”

Dr. Yeli was born in 1939 in a poor family at Hamsabhavi in Dharwad district. He completed his school education at Hamsabhavi and intermediate science education at Karnataka College Dharwad. He pursued MBBS at Karnataka Medical College in Hubballi in 1962 and earned his MD (General Medicine) from Topiwala National Medical College in Mumbai in 1968.

He joined JJM Medical College as a lecturer, and worked at the institute as professor and head of the department. He retired in 2005 but continues to visit the hospital for rounds. Yeli has two sons - Dr. Vinay Yeli and Dr. Suman Yeli - who are also doctors. He treats nearly 100 patients at his clinic every day. He has a Maruti Zen car which he bought 15 years ago.

Dr. Yeli’s compassion for the poor was there for everyone to see when he was conferred the honorary doctorate by Davangere University this year. The function got over at 1.30pm, and all the dignitaries were requested to have lunch. However, Yeli politely refused, saying his patients were waiting for him at the clinic. He then rushed to the clinic to examine them.

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I was his student he has always been humble caring attentive to all we need lots of yelis. l pray to lord Shiva to grace him .my sastang namaskar to him
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We praise these men but dont want to be like them..
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Such a nice job sir and have to live min 120years
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