Meet the Pain Specialist Who Sings to Her Patients
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Here's an article by Dr. Jessica B. Jameson, an Anesthesiologist who sings to her patients. And the results are beautiful.

"I am an interventional pain physician. I spend most of my days doing spine injections with a fair amount of kyphoplasties and spinal cord stimulators thrown in as well. It seems to me that these are minor procedures that shouldn’t evoke anxiety in patients, but they do."

"I am also a singer. Like so many other passions, singing was put on the back burner in my pursuit of medicine."

"When I started in private practice, I began to occasionally hum some tunes as I was doing injections. That hum naturally turned into singing. Over a short amount of time, I found myself singing during each and every procedure all day long."

"Patients began to write me letters of appreciation. I heard comments about how the songs took them away from the procedure to a happy place where they were relaxed and at ease."

"At the end of the day amid the regulations and authorizations and insurance dictated care in my private practice, this interaction with my patients brings a smile to my face."

"In a world where physicians are increasingly burned out and frustrated it allows me a glimpse of why I entered this career field in the first place. To meet patients where they are in a time of need and leave a small mark on their lives."

Jessica Jameson is an interventional pain physician.

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Dr. VK p●●●●●●r
Dr. VK p●●●●●●r Anaesthesiology
Very nice definitely this soothing effect of singing helps pt.s anxiety level
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Dr. S●●●●●m S●●●●y P●●●●●l
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Interesting read. This needs to be researched logically to ensure that if the results are piositive and supportive,these alternative therapies can be implemented.
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G●●●l K●●●h
G●●●l K●●●h General Medicine
Very good..
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