Meet these two young doctors: Facing the pandemic as Corona
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Dr. Sneha and Dr. Nandini share their first-hand accounts of their experience with COVID-19, the toll it has taken on them, how they’re dealing with panic-stricken patients, and how they go about every day risking their own health.

• Challenges at work and home

With COVID-19 taking an increasing toll over the lives of all, doctors are facing huge challenges both professionally and personally.

Dr. Sneha, who hails from Patna, hasn’t visited home for half the year now and she admits she wouldn’t be visiting home even post lockdown to keep her family from being exposed to her.

Dr. Nandini feels relieved that she is away from her hometown, Bajpur, as the risk of infection does not end after duty hours.

• Their response to violence against healthcare employees

According to Dr. Sneha, such incidents do leave scars on the efforts they put in selflessly. However, she adds, even acts as horrific as the current ones won’t stop them from serving diligently. "It’s also true that those who have been pelted with stones do understand what it means to be showered with flowers.”

Dr. Nandini calls these incidents nothing but dishonorable. “Such episodes of violence are not new, we have faced these incidents in the past. I am sad to state this, but it took a pandemic for the people in the country to talk about this grave issue.”

• On facing the panic of getting infected

On how they are fighting tooth and nail every single day Dr. Sneha said, “We don’t see it that way, you know. Going above and beyond the call of duty is our priority as life saviors.”

Dr. Nandini holds the opinion that the panic is also justified because it is something we’re all facing for the first time, especially since new information surrounding it surfaces every day which in turn makes them adapt to learning new ways to protect people and themselves every day.

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