Melanoma or more...
aishwarya yadav
Melanoma or more...
A 65 year old male came to Krishna Hospital
with C/O non healing ulcer on right heel for 5 months and pain over ulcer.
Patient was apparently admitted seven months back, then he developed a swelling over right heel which gradually increased in size and was painful.The patient visited a private hospital for the swelling and was given some surgical intervention but was not relieved. Then patient came to KIMS hospital since 8 months and was done wide excision plus STSG decreased GA. He got relieved and after 2-3 months again swelling grew near the previous one and ulcerated for which he underwent regular dressing and antibiotics.
What could be the differential diagnosis and further line of treatment?
Dr. K●n R●●i
Dr. K●n R●●i Not Applicable
If the person is from Karnataka Drakanculus medinensis will also be a DD
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A●●●i .
a●●●i . General Medicine
But why dranculus medinensis be presenting with swelling?
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Dr. P●●●●●p K●●●r
Dr. P●●●●●p K●●●r General Surgery
1st rule out DM, local infection( swab culture).... If negative then wedge biopsy
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