Menopausal hormone therapy linked to microscopic colitis: Ne
Women who undergo menopausal hormone therapy appear to have a higher risk for developing microscopic colitis, according to data from a large, nationwide cohort study published in Gastroenterology.

“With over 20 years of follow-up and detailed and updated information on lifestyle factors, these cohorts offered us the unique opportunity to examine the relationship of menopausal and reproductive factors with risk of microscopic colitis,” the researchers wrote.

Investigators analyzed data from 227,766 women who participated in the study cohorts without a baseline history of microscopic colitis. They determined risk factors after confirming diagnosis through pathology record reviews.

Burke and colleagues confirmed 275 incident cases of microscopic colitis over the course of 5,147,282 person-years.
They found that current menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) use was associated with increased risk for microscopic colitis compared with never use. The risk was higher with longer duration of use and went down after discontinuation.

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