Mesenteric Cyst in Association with Type-II Jejunoileal Atre
A rare case of type-II jejunoileal atresia with mesenteric cyst in a neonate is being reported here with a brief review of literature.

A full term five-day old male neonate born by normal delivery weighing 2.7 kg was referred to our hospital with complaints of bilious vomiting and abdominal distention for three days. Examination of the neonate revealed abdominal distention along with visible bowel loops and bilious nasogastric aspirates. Antenatal ultrasound was normal. Erect radiograph of abdomen revealed distended bowel loops along with few air fluid levels and absent distal gas in pelvis suggestive of jejunoileal atresia. On exploratory laparotomy, type-II jejunoileal atresia at proximal ileum with distal mesenteric cyst measuring 4 x 4 cm causing bowel volvulus around it was noted (Fig.1). The cyst was compressing on the distal ileal segment for about 5 cm and could not be separated from it. Hence, ileal derotation and resection of segment of atretic ileum along with distal mesenteric cyst and end to oblique ileo-ileal anastomosis was done. The histopathology report confirmed it a mesenteric cyst. Postoperative course was uneventful. Follow-up of the child at one year is also satisfactory....