Metallic hair pin aspiration into the left tertiary bronchus
Foreign body aspiration is commonly described in infants and children. However, recently, a new high-risk group was identified among young women, especially those from the Muslim population who wear the traditional hair scarf.

This is due to the habit of holding the scarf pin in between the lips to free hands to adjust the scarf more easily. Talking, laughing, or coughing while fixing the scarf may result in inadvertent inhalation of the pin into the tracheobronchial tree.

Published in the journal Malaysian Family Physician, the authors present a case of scarf pin inhalation and the challenges encountered in managing this patient during the successful removal of the pin via flexible bronchoscopy under fluoroscopy guidance. This particular case was technically challenging for as the sharp tip of the needle was pointing upward and piercing the bronchial mucosa.

Case highlights:-
- It is important to advise all women to avoid holding a pin between their lips while fixing their head scarf to prevent inhalation.

- A CT scan is a gold standard procedure for identifying the nature, position, and orientation of a pin.

- A multidisciplinary approach is important when managing this type of case in order to remove the foreign body as early as possible to prevent possible complications.

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