Metastatic liver tumor from a primary gastric cancer with in
Metastatic liver tumors from primary gastric cancer are rarely resected because of the high rate of metastasis and recurrence of gastric cancer, and there is little information regarding the pathological assessment of these tumors. We present a case of a single metastatic liver tumor from gastric cancer with invasion of the interlobular bile duct for which we achieved margin-free resection with good clinical outcomes

An 80-year-old patient presented with a tumor in segment V of the liver, with invasion of Glisson’s pedicle confirmed on preoperative magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography imaging. On the basis of the preoperative assessment, we proceeded with partial hepatectomy, with transection of one of the roots of Glisson’s pedicle performed under echography guidance. Pathological examination confirmed gastric cancer as the primary source of the metastatic tumor. R0 resection was achieved, with no evidence of cancer recurrence at one year after surgery.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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