Metformin May Lower Risk Of COVID-19 Death In Diabetic Patie
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A new study suggests that metformin use in patients with type 2 diabetes might reduce the risk of death from COVID-19, according to experts.

Key Insights:

• Researchers conducted a retrospective electronic health record data analysis of 25,326 subjects tested for COVID-19 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, U.S.

• The primary outcome was mortality in COVID-19-positive subjects and the association with subject characteristics and comorbidities were analyzed using simple and multiple linear logistic regression.

• The researchers found the odds ratio of contracting COVID-19 was disproportionately high in Blacks/African-Americans and in subjects with obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

• Diabetes was associated with a dramatic increase in mortality and emerged as an independent risk factor in diverse population even after correcting for age, race, sex, obesity and hypertension.

• Interestingly, researchers also found that metformin treatment was independently associated with a significant reduction in mortality in subjects with diabetes and COVID-19

• Conclusively the study results suggest that while diabetes is an independent risk factor for COVID-19-related mortality, this risk is dramatically reduced in subjects taking metformin, raising the possibility that metformin may provide a protective approach in this high-risk population.

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