Metronidazole-Induced Cerebellar Toxicity
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Metronidazole is a very common antibacterial and antiprotozoal with wide usage across the globe, including the least developed countries. It is generally well-tolerated with a low incidence of serious side-effects. Neurological toxicity is fairly common with this drug, however majority of these are peripheral neuropathy with very few cases of central nervous toxicity reported. We report the imaging findings in two patients with cerebellar dysfunction after Metronidazole usage. Signal changes in the dentate and red nucleus were seen on magnetic resonance imaging in these patients. Most of the cases reported in literature reported similar findings, suggesting high predilection for the dentate nucleus in metronidazole induced encephalopathy.
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It may be due to damaging the body anti-oxidants..
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Dr. R●●●●●h S●●h Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
In the field of dentistry metronidazole is commonly prescribed where there is a infection due to odontogenic cause and even after maxillo facial surgery also we give it to our patients ... but with grace of gods till now we have not found any neurological complications.. But after reading your article it seems that we should not prescrib it to each and evey patients.. i just would like to know your view on this.. thank u... ... Read more
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Til now haven' t seen this type of adverse effect. Thanks for sharing
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