Minimally invasive THA in a pt with hereditary multiple exos
Hip geometry abnormalities found in patients with hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) could promote premature hip joint degeneration which needs treatment.

Published in the Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal, the authors report the case of a 45-year old male with right hip arthrosis who underwent two-incision minimally invasive (MIS-2) total hip arthroplasty (THA), with satisfactory outcome. This technique could be an alternative approach for performing THA in patients with hereditary multiple exostoses.

A 45-year old male presented with right hip pain of five months duration and the pain had worsened since the last two months with a visual analog scale (VAS) score of 7. The pain was localised to the hip and it occurred especially during movement and weight bearing. There was no history of trauma, alcohol abuse, steroid use, metabolic disorder, and any associated chronic disease.

His height was 161cm, body weight was 63kg, and body mass index was 24.3 kg/m2 . Physical examination revealed a positive Patrick’s test. Range of movement at the right hip joint was flexion 100 degrees, abduction 40 degrees, adduction 10 degrees, external rotation 40 degrees, and internal rotation 10 degrees.

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