Ministry of AYUSH asks Patanjali for composition, research d
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After Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved launched its Ayurvedic medicine, Coronil, claiming that it will help in the treatment of coronavirus infection, the Ministry of AYUSH asked the company to furnish details of the drug’s composition and the research the company has conducted prior to its launch.

“Patanjali Ayurved Ltd has been asked to provide at the earliest details of the name and composition of the medicines being claimed for COVID treatment; site(s)/hospital(s), where the research study was conducted for COVID-19; protocol, sample size, Institutional Ethics Committee clearance, CTRI registration and results in data of the study and stop advertising/publicizing such claims till the issue is duly examined,” the Ministry of AYUSH said in a press release.

“Ministry has also requested concerned State Licensing Authority of Uttrakhand Government to provide copies of license and product approval details of the Ayurvedic medicines being claimed for the treatment of COVID -19,” the statement added.

Read here about the launch of Coronil:

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Unproven remedies can have dosasterous consequence
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Ministry of Ayush take a right decision to claim made by Patanjali about the treatment of covid-19.
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Interesting read. So,if the Ayush Ministry is asking Patanjali for details about this drug,this implies that Patanjali did not tell Ayush Ministry about the drug at all. But Patanjali announced that it had conducted scientific human RCT Clinical trials. This implies that CDSCO or equivalent Ministry had already given the permission for the trials,which implies that the Ministry already knows about the drug. So,either Patanjali lied,did not conduct any such trials, and did not inform the Ministry. In such a case,such a drug should be dismissed immediately,and not even investigated. So,this Ministry announcement is useless. Or,Ministry already knew about it,and now under pressure of competitive lobbies, either to prevent India from winning this Covid battle, or from competitors,who either want to copy this drug,or discredit it. Again in which case, this announcement appears to be useless. Interesting ping pong game.... Read more
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