Misdiagnoses Happen. Medical Gaslighting Should Not
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This is an article by Dr. Anne Maitland, an allergist/immunology specialist.

"The third leading cause of patient mortality is a medical error. As an allergy/immunology specialist, I know that even the most common, immune-mediated disorders, such as asthma, and food allergies are not commonly recognized by general practitioners and specialists, leaving children and adults under-diagnosed and untreated."

"In one New York Times article, the author noted that nonpsychiatrists — even if they are medical doctors in other fields like cardiology or gastroenterology — are often ill-equipped to recognize and treat emotional symptoms related to a physical ailment. And, by the same token, psychiatrists may not consider the possibility that a patient with symptoms like palpitations, fatigue, or dizziness really has a physical ailment.”

"There are countless examples of patients who are given psychiatric diagnoses before their underlying organic disorder is uncovered. Granted, physical ailments do cause neuropsychiatric conditions, and some of these medications have indications for non-psychiatric disorders."

"Missteps and misunderstandings, even by well-seasoned medical professionals, are human, but medical gaslighting is not. Medical professionals must take a step back and recognize that the interpretation of test results is only as good as the practitioner glancing at the numbers."

"We should be empowering the patient to take charge of their health care, and we should be reminding the practitioner to be a mindful partner in health, rather than a patriarchal purveyor of prescriptions and procedures."

~ Dr. Anne Maitland is an allergist/immunology specialist. She is an Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and is the medical director of Comprehensive Allergy & Asthma Care, in Tarrytown, NY.

Source: https://opmed.doximity.com/articles/misdiagnoses-happen-medical-gaslighting-should-not
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