'Misleading': ICMR denies claims that it published a study s
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Updated: On 15 June morning, a news went viral stating that a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research suggests that the peak stage of COVID-19 in India could arrive around mid-November.

Via an official Twitter handle, ICMR clarified that it had not put out such a report:

"The news reports attributing this study to ICMR are misleading. This refers to a non peer reviewed modelling, not carried out by ICMR and does not reflect the official position of ICMR."

A PTI report referred to a study conducted by researchers from an Operations Research Group constituted by ICMR, saying the "the peak stage of COVID-19 pandemic in India has been delayed by the eight-week lockdown along with strengthened public health measures and it may now arrive around mid-November during which there could be a paucity of isolation and ICU beds, and ventilators."

Source: https://twitter.com/ICMRDELHI/status/1272419282308067328?s=20
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As no authority can claim what is what thenwhy we are to be bomberd with such information? Within our limited knowledge we are to face the question "What is Corona"? Can my colleague advise what to reply.
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