Mixed Intraosseous Haemangioma Of The Rib- A Rare Entity
The diagnosis of rib haemangioma is often forgotten in the differential diagnosis of a chest wall tumor. Half of primary chest wall tumors are malignant; hence, accurate diagnosis is imperative (1). Hemangiomas occurring in the ribs are extremely rare, with only a handful reported in the literature
Histologically,haemangiomas appear as a proliferation of normal vascular elements with interspersed fatty overgrowth and can be categorized as one of five histologic subtypes : capillary, cavernous, venous, arteriovenous, or mixed.
As there is a wide range of radiological patterns, accurate preoperative diagnosis of non-classical skeletal haemangioma is difficult to make. Bone haemangiomas are usually asymptomatic, and either discovered incidentally or at autopsy.

In our case, the patient presented with upper back pain, shortness of breath and coughing.Patient underwent thoracotomy and histopathology showed mixed capillary and cavernous haemangioma involving only the cortical segment of left 2nd rib.

This case report adds to the literature on this rare condition and discusses the issues in the diagnosis of chest wall tumors.

A 25-year-old female patient presented with upper back pain, shortness of breath and coughing. One month after the onset of her complaints, she was referred to our hospital. Patient had undergone thoracotomy for the similar complaint thirteen years back and was asymptomatic till the last one month period. The present fallout may be either a growth from incomplete excision of the lesion or a recurrence....