Mobile thoracic schwannoma combined with intraosseous schwan
Mobile schwannomas have been rarely reported in the lumbar and thoracic spine. These entities are usually intradural extramedullary involving less than 3 vertebrae. Published in the journal Medicine, the authors present a rare case of thoracic schwannoma moving over 4 vertebral levels from the primary site combined with intraosseous schwannomas.

A 64-year-old woman presented with back pain for several months. Preoperative computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed 2 intraosseous tumors at the T7 and T8 levels and an intradural extramedullary tumor at the T5-6 levels.

The patient underwent a surgical resection of the intraosseous tumors at the T7 and T8 levels, and the tumor at the T5-6 levels was not found. Postoperative MRI revealed that the intradural extramedullary tumor had moved to the T3-4 levels.

Subsequently, the patient developed gait disturbance and numbness on bilateral lower limbs. During the second operation, the tumour was found at the T1-2 levels. Eventually, the tumor was completely removed.

Histopathological examination revealed schwannomas. After a 3-month follow-up, the symptoms were significantly relieved, and there was no clinical or radiological recurrence.

Lessons learnt:-
- The clinicians should be aware of the coincidence of intraosseous schwannomas and mobile schwannoma.

- Careful preoperative MRIs are essential for early diagnosis of mobile tumors.

- Intraoperative localization of the mobile tumor is imperative to prevent unnecessary laminotomy.

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