Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine shows promising results
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Moderna’s potential coronavirus vaccine generated a promising immune response in elderly patients in an early-stage clinical trial, the biotech firm announced on 26 August. The company tested its vaccine on 10 adults between the ages of 56 and 70 and 10 elderly adults aged 71 and older, Moderna said. Each participant received two 100 microgram doses of the vaccine 28 days apart.

The volunteers produced neutralizing antibodies, which researchers believe are necessary to build immunity to the virus, and T-cells, Moderna said in its results.

Additionally, the antibodies that were produced were higher than those seen in people who have recovered from Covid-19.

The vaccine also appeared to be well tolerated, with no serious adverse events reported, the company said. Some patients reported fatigue, chills, headaches and pain at the injection site, though the majority of symptoms resolved within two days, the company said.

In May, the company released preliminary data that showed the vaccine produced antibodies in 45 healthy adults.

Scientists had previously cautioned that the phase one study was small, and the results may differ for other populations, including the elderly who generally mount a weaker immune response.

Last month, the company started a phase three trial testing how safe and effective it is on 30,000 people with results expected as early as October. The company said it anticipates completing enrollment for its phase three trial in September.

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