Multiparametric CMR in Myocarditis: State-of-the-Art Review
The following are key points to remember from this state-of-the-art review on a multiparametric cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) approach in diagnosing, monitoring, and prognostication of myocarditis:

1. CMR, as a technique that allows for noninvasive evaluation of myocardial function and tissue characteristics, is invaluable in establishing the diagnosis of myocarditis.

2. Per the updated Lake Louise Criteria for CMR, the diagnosis of myocarditis requires more than 1 T1-based marker of nonischemic myocardial injury and one T2-based marker of myocardial edema.

3. Among clinical and imaging parameters, LGE is the strongest independent predictor of mortality in myocarditis.

4. Currently, there are no clear guidelines for long-term monitoring in patients with myocarditis. The authors propose follow-up CMR at 3 months following the diagnosis of acute myocarditis to assess for ongoing inflammation and to assess the extent of LGE.